Alessio Marcone

Satispay Redesign

Redesign of app for digital payment and money transfer.


UI/UX Designer


Figma, Adobe Illustrator, ProtoPie, Notion

Everyone loves Satispay! 

After years of use, including refunds for friends and grocery store payments, I found a redesign of the app from the current Italian unicorn interesting.

After conducting an in-depth research among a circle of users, I have hypothesized some aspects that could make the current app consistent with the latest design trends and make it easier to use and navigate, reducing complexity and improving the clarity of information.

The identity has been partially revolutionized through the use of rounded shapes, making the interface friendlier and less intimidating. The use of 3D icons gives the interface an innovative and high-quality look, contributing to the creation of a more modern and sophisticated Fintech app.

Home screen






Making the “Savings” section resemble a savings platform engages users and encourages them to explore and use this feature. It can instill a sense of control and effective financial management by incorporating more precise goals with their respective deadlines.

It would be interesting, along with the Product Manager, Analysts, or Industry Experts, to consider adding interactive tools to assist users in planning and monitoring their savings effectively, such as savings calculators and more.




Reducing navbar items simplifies app navigation, aiding users in finding what they need and accessing key Home screen options.

Positioning the vibrant QR code scan button at the navbar center highlights a key feature, enabling users to locate and use it swiftly, eliminating the need for menu searches or swiping, which can be less intuitive and inconvenient for some.




Scanner QR Code

Voucher Meal


User Understanding is Fundamental: One of the key lessons is the importance of thoroughly understanding the needs, behaviors, and expectations of users. This understanding is essential for designing a user experience that is intuitive, effective, and satisfying.

Next Steps

  • Innovate the interaction between screens by incorporating engaging and high-quality micro motion elements
  • Research for enhancements in other sections of the application
  • Conduct accessibility testing

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