Alessio Marcone

ATM App Redesign

Redesign the current app of Milan’s public transport.


UI/UX Designer


Figma, Adobe Illustrator, Notion


The current app is perceived by users as confusing and not aligned with modern transportation apps, making it difficult to purchase tickets, check schedules, or navigate to specific destinations.


Developing a modern design of an app that can be easily used by both locals and tourists, with a user-centric approach at its core, is our goal.

Main Goals

User flow

Once the issues and solutions derived from my research are fully addressed, I proceed to create a user flow. Developing a user flow is a valuable step in order to visualize and outline all the app interfaces that I need to design.

Set the origin and destination location

Select the suitable timetable and route

Buy ticket and pay it with most popular payment options

Ensure ticket information includes the vehicle’s current status

Complete the check-in process and board the vehicle

Home screen

Ticket section

Buy tickets


Add payment

Navigation and Colors


Reviews are important: reading all reviews from current app in the App Store page allowed me to focus on what could be redesigned for a better User Experience.

Next Steps

  • Conduct more interviews and define more user persona
  • Improve usability and user needs

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